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Patrick Winters pic.JPG
Patrick Winters
Author from Illinois, USA
Alex Taylor.jpeg
Alex Taylor
Author from Texas, USA
Brooke Reynolds.jpg
Brooke Reynolds
Author from N. Carolina, USA
Charlie Ceates.jpg
Charlie Ceates
Author from Glasgow, UK
Dan Fields.jpg
Dan Fields
Author from Texas, USA
Clark Roberts.jpg
Clark Roberts
Author from Michigan, USA
 the Carpathian Hellhound
Kristin Holland.jpg
Kristin Holland
Voice Artist from Melbourne, Australia
Lee Forman.jpg
Lee Andrew Forman
Author from New York, USA
Anthony Giordano.jpg
Anthony Giordano
Author from New York, USA
Max D Stanton.jpg
Max D. Stanton
Author from Philadelphia, USA
Russell Archey.jpg
Russell Archey
Author from Nevada, USA
Peggy Rempenault.jpg
Peggy Rempenault
Horror fan from Paris, France
Sarah Estick.jpg
Sarah Estick
Horror Reader From UK
Doreen Fuggle.jpg
Doreen Fuggle
Horror Reader From UK
Manuel Ruiz.jpg
Manuel Ruiz
Author from Texas, USA
Ponyo 2.jpg
 the Carpathian Hellhound, shows her continued support
Kristin Holland 2.jpg
Where Ponyo goes, Kristin Holland is never far behind. He Knows his place
Darren Estick.jpg
Darren Estick
Horror Reader From UK
Laura Campbell pic.jpeg
Melissa Kendall pic.JPG
Melissa Kendall
Author from Canada
Vincent Robert-Nicoud.JPG
Laura Campbell from the UK keeping warm by the fire while enjoying the chills of Sanitarium
Anthony Giordano pic 2.jpg
Anthony Giordano
Author from New York, USA shows his continued support for the Sanitarium
Vincent Robert-Nicoud
Globetrotting author currently residing in France
Peter Collins retouched.png
Peter Collins
Artist and animator From UK
Kristin Holland Issue 4.jpg
Sanitarium's good friend Kristin Holland got his hands on got latest edition.
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