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Sanitarium is an independent publishing house, and periodical magazine, dedicated to bringing audiences the best in horror from around the globe.

Don't Just Read A Horror Story, Enter This Horrifically Gripping Journey!

We're more than just a horror short story magazine, we are what the horror novels fear

If you are easily scared, afraid of the dark, or fear nightmares don't enter the Sanitarium! When it comes to entertainment would you rather have one long book, or multiple short gripping stories? I think the latter is the best bet as well, and that is exactly what you'll get with Sanitarium. Each short story is written by a different Independent author giving you, the reader, an experience you a horror experience that you will not want to escape..... Even if you could.

With the perfect mixture of suspense thriller, horror, dark horror, and other scary favorites you will instantly fall in love with these short horror stories. The short stories are carefully chosen and mixed with the right amount of dread, shrieks, and gasp inducing fear you've been seeking.


We hope you enjoy your stay.

Editorial Info

Ian Sputnik is a writer, Editor and publisher of horror and dark verse. Born and bred in South East England, he works in London. He has had several pieces published in Sanitarium Magazine: The Darkness, The Thing That Goes Bump in the Night, Meal Deal, Eyes, Night Terrors, Him, and New Tricks. He has also been published in Morpheus Tales with his piece When Death Takes Hold and in Devolution Z with The Sinner’s Swan Song. 

he has also appeared in Living Paranormal Magazine, Pen of the Damned and The Sirens Call. He has published his own collection 'Food for Worms'. As well as writing he was previously Horror Fiction Editor at Living Paranormal Magazine. He is now editor-in-chief of Sanitarium Magazine.

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